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Whore You?

My friend, Randy, is asking for donations . He wants to buy a new camera lense.

This is a guy who, via his website, does good for a lot of people: he organizes fund drives so that people in rural China can have farm animals. According to Randy, it s a big deal for them.

A new lense would be a big deal for Randy.

So I donated $5US. I m hoping to get it back though. You see there s a caviate to sending him cash, in his own words:

I’ll accept any kind of web site, except those promoting pornography, hatred, violence, racism, or anything else I deem inappropriate. The decision is mine alone. Money will be refunded to buyers whose sites I deem unsuitable.

JimFormation may be unsuitable did you read what I wrote yesterday ? What a hoot.

If so moved, toss a couple of bucks Randy s way. He is, afterall, a poor white guy living in Hong Kong. And you aren t.


BWG said:

I'm tempted to send the money back, not because of what you wrote (kids hear far worse at the playground these days), but because you're like family to me.

On the other hand, I appreciate that you were the first to give it a go (even though I already link to you on my regular links page).

So I'll tell you what: I'll keep the $5 and buy you a drink the next time I visit.

Maybe I'll even photograph you with my new lens.

Posted on Jan 21, 2006 08:32 PM

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