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Marked in Ma.gnolia -

My recent bookmarks in the "social bookmarking" project, Ma.gnolia . As I write this, my plan is to put all my bookmarks here and really give this tool a whirl. You see, I use no less than four computers daily and may realistically use seven. Bookmarks on one computer no longer help me. I'm hoping this will, and I don't mind sharing my discoveries and research with you. Enjoy.

A Loose Affiliation -

These are the sites that I go to that are in my head. They are the places I don't need to bookmark. I just type the URL in the address bar and go. I don't do as much surfing as I used to, so the list is small. The people behind these sites mean something to me in one way or another.

Blogs that link here

The link above brings you off-site to the engine at If your looking for people that link to JimFormation, that's the place to go.

More here .

A Loose Affiliation ...

... of Millionaires and Billionaires