The Mail Form

n. - An online interactive device used to transmit a message from the site visitor (you) to the site owner (me).

Not to be confused with The Male Form , such as it is.

Privacy Policy

The powers-that-be at JimFormation don't have any interest in your email address. It's just that there's a better chance that you're a real person if you have an email address. And if you'd really like a reply, well, we'll need a place to send the note.

We're just kidding; we don't send replies.

Okay, sometimes we do, but we just feel so damned full of ourselves when we talk like that. And when we talk in the third person.

The "Male Form" joke above. That's not ours either. We stole it from one Ray van der Woning. He has it on his Mail Form . Send him a note and tell him that we stole his swag.