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Up and Running

As you can see, just by being here, JimFormation is up and running again. Only don t thank me; Mr. van der Woning crawled under the hood, grease all over him, and fixed my Camaro.

I m please to announce that this website allows comments again. Ray and I have made it particularly difficult for spammers and hacks to loose their Dogs of Hell into my comments section. Sadly this has made ie moderately difficult for you, Constant Reader, to leave comments too, but I m hoping you don t mind the inconvenience. I do enjoy the comments you leave.

The only real hoop you need to jump through to leave a comment here is to sign up (and sign in) at TypeKey . TypeKey is simply an internet key that allows you to unlock the door of adding comments to this (and many other) website(s). According to the people at TypeKey, their system stops comment spam cold. I believe them.

From them:

Why did you create the TypeKey service?
We talked to a lot of webloggers who had been bombarded by spam comments, trolling comments and comment attacks. They d turned off comments on their weblogs not only because of spammers but also because they felt that their weblogs (with these abusive comments) were becoming a territory beyond their control. These users wanted to stop spammers from using their weblogs to peddle their garbage, and wanted to create an environment that fostered positive communication.

Then we started to think about how the whole process of commenting could be improved. In terms of our own tools, we knew that we had to offer better comment management. For weblogging as a whole, we realized that measures needed to be put in place to add accountability to weblog comments.

Most of the email we received about comment spam and trolling expressed the frustration of not being able to control one s own space on the web. They wanted to enable conversations but didn t want to feel like off-topic discussions or attacks could simply exist in their space.

So, then another goal emerged: What sort of experience would it take for someone who has never allowed comments to suddenly turn comments on?

It was then we started to readdress the idea of comment registration.

That pretty much nailed my frustration. And that frustration coupled with a busy lifestyle made me say Screw it to publishing on the web.

And then good old DaddyRay offered his services. The JimFormation comment system is now a veritable electronic Fort Knox equipped with all the latest wizbang gizmos to make your visit safe from the probes of hoodlums begging Google to place their Viagra, penis enlargement devices, and poker rooms ever higher in their page rankings.

nuff said.

I ll see you tomorrow.


ruminator said:

Glad you got everything up and running again. I apologize for not crawling under the hood for you--time and work conspired against me. But I'm excited about having your writing on the web again.

This isn't a weblog! :)

Posted on Aug 03, 2005 04:37 AM

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