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Two Friends

Oddly, two friends are writing for the internet again.

Nigel Campbell :

I forget, do you open with an apology or a joke?

So why the blog?

Well a couple of reasons actually. Firstly because I wanted to plug in again, share my thoughts and also link to some cool stuff on the web, and to use this feature to comment on a few of my images. And secondly because I still get emails from people out there in interweb world who read my old sites and keep asking if I’m going to add writing to the new site.

He s posting his photographs at NigelCampbell.net .

Elsewhere, the full-bearded Ryan W. of GoateeSyle.com revamped his website and commented:

Hopefully my loyal readers have been enjoying the longer entries I ve been writing lately. These days, I want to have a little more substance to my posts. None of that single-sentence filler fluff.

Ryan s trying to post a photograph every day on a separate part of his site: Photolog .

nuff said.


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