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Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures are:

  1. A lesbian bar in Farmingdale, New York;
  2. Bobby McFerrin s most popular album ( Don t Worry, Be Happy );
  3. Hand-crafted wooden dildos ;
  4. A website dedicated to the wonderful world of stamping and embroidery;
  5. A store in Marietta, Ohio;
  6. And a list of feel good things brought to you by the good people at Berkley University.

But two seldom recognized simple pleasures are:

  1. Laying the perfect bead of caulk;
  2. Laying the perfect bezier curve.

There are no simple pleasures in reading this post (though it s kind of pleasurable to link to wooden adult toys and a lesbian bar in the same post).

Hell, the only reason I wrote this thing was to mention that I caulked some trim this weekend and it s a superbly sublime experience to lay a line of caulk that needs no real attention from a wet finger. This reminded me of an experience I had Friday afternoon where I set down a few bezier curves in Adobe Illustrator at work that needed no adjusting. That felt good too.

Thanks for your patience.


BWG said:

What about the pleasure of laying the perfect lesbian?

Hey, you started it ...

Posted on Mar 06, 2006 05:51 PM

Tanj said:

I had something crafty to say but I am too busy now giggling at BWG's comment.


Posted on Mar 07, 2006 01:23 AM

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