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Party Conversation

Sis-in-Law: Do you think God is good?

Me: I don t know.


I don t know.

You think God is evil? Or has evil in him?

I don t know what evil is.

C mon!

Define evil for me and then we ll talk.


Later in the conversation:

Sis-in-Law: I can t reconcile why God lets innocent children die.

Me: I can.


Because He doesn t care whether you live or die.

You can t be serious.

As a heart attack.

If God is immortal then a life of one day or one of 100 years or a millenium is essentially the same time.

If life is nothing more than a transitional stage of a Soul that your Soul lives before and beyond your body why would a god mourn your death?

Do you mourn the passing of a caterpillar to a butterfly?

Sis: Yeh but

Later in the conversation:

Sis-in-Law: Do even you believe in God?

Me: Dunno.

What do you mean you don t know?

Dunno. Don t care to know. No matter what, it can t be proven either way. I m not willing to tear my heart out trying to figure it out anymore. Because it can t be figured out.

Do you really think that?

Yep. When I was born no one handed me a rule book that said, This is very important: Before you die, you have to pick a god to follow. If you choose unwisely, you risk the eternal damnation ( see: hell-fire, brimstone, ABBA music pp. 2045-2156 ) of the True God.

I ve opted out of the system.

The Wife-Beast: Um, Jim, we have to go home. Now.


Tangerine said:

So we have gone over this God thing before and I understand and tend to agree with your take completely.

We have this GUY here who packs his nondenominational church. If a blue moon hits, I visit him during one of his 2 Sunday standing-room only performances.

Understanding that I have a problem decifering religion from cult, this guy still gets to me.

He's that good.

Worse even he is on MP3 and internet live:

Listen. If you can find the time.

Posted on Oct 18, 2005 12:51 AM

ruminator said:

I've had those conversations, I believe. :)

Posted on Oct 18, 2005 09:50 AM

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