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Liars and the Pictures They Take

> bay-pole.jpg

This is one of the myriad photos I spoke of the other day . I pulled it almost randomly from a file simply entitled web_old.

This picture has always evoked feelings of solitude and aloneness to me. It was taken on a misty, quiet morning. The pole, a remnant of an old dock that once stretched out of the Barnegat Bay, stood contemplative. Alone.

Well, sort of alone, amongst about 20 of his breathren. He looks more alone in this version of the picture because I left his buddies out of the frame.

The picture is always a tale told by the photographer. Photographers are notorious liars.


BWG said:

Yea, brother, we photographers are notorious liars.

But our hearts are in the right place.

Posted on Sep 09, 2005 12:25 AM

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