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It s Bloggeriffic

Forgive me, Father , for I have sinned. It s been two weeks since I last blogged

Unky Rich:
Are you going to post anything on JimFormation again?

It s been a while, huh?

Unky Rich:
Yeh. How come you re not writing?

Well, after you haven t posted for a while, you feel the next thing you post should be really important.

Unky Rich:
Yeh. I understand.


tanj said:


Giggling for the Catholicism reference to blogging....

Giggling further because we both referenced THE FATHER
in our recent posts.

Hope you caught the 4.20 version of rocketboom.com where she interviews
..and offers extended footage.

Posted on Apr 21, 2006 02:25 AM

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