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Impersonations at The Academy

Did you see The Academy Awards?

Me neither.

Last year Jamie Foxx won the Best Actor Oscar for impersonating Ray Charles. This year Philip Seymore Hoffman won for impersonating Truman Capote.

Do you think The Academy suddenly has a thing for impersonators? Or, and it s probably this, that The Academy is embarrassed that it has never recognized the brilliance of Rich Little and Frank Gorshin. Therefore, they re making up for in the past two years?

Which brings me back to Philip Seymore Hoffman. I didn t see Capote , but I don t know that someone should win an Oscar for playing a gay, midget I take that back, it s the perfect reason. That said, I don t think Hoffman won because of this year s role; I think he won because he was ignored last year.

Last year he should ve been nominated when he played Sandy Lyle in Along Came Polly. Sandy Lyle was the child actor who couldn t get acting gigs anymore. He wound up getting the lead role in a community theater adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar, but he still acted as if he was the hot-shit child star. He made you believe that he believed that he was still that star, but somehow you knew that he knew that he wasn t anymore. And he was funny. Ah, there s the rub

He didn t get nominated because Along Came Polly is a comedy. Comedies are ignored by The Academy. Not important enough. No real depth. No real risk.


Nancy said:

Rich Little

Posted on Mar 06, 2006 09:02 PM

Jim said:

Ha! I went to school with Mitch Little ... it was a running gag for years. I wonder how he snuck into a JimFo.

Posted on Mar 06, 2006 09:23 PM

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