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Dreamy Shrooms

In lieu of real content, today I bring you to photographs I took last year at my Dad s house. It was a hot and humid morning and when I stepped outside with the camera, the lens fogged up. Instead of cursing and trying to clean it up, I used the moisture as a filter.

Here are a couple of the results:

Shroom I
Shroom I

Shroom II

Maybe I ll write something worth reading when I get back from my orthopedic visit. Today I get to find out if I can wean myself off my AirCast and start physical therapy.

It s been eight weeks and a day since I had surgery to repair/reconstruct my broken right ankle. Four weeks since I ve been in the walking cast. Three weeks since I ve actually been walking. One week since I ve been cheating and walking occasionally without it. Shhhh Don t tell Dr. Tauro!


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