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5 Mile

I drive five miles to get to my work office. Not very far.

In the past several months I ve passed four sets of workers picketing. Strikers. Twice for Comcast I don t know why they re striking other than their signs always say something about Comca$t with the dollar sign. I always read their signs as, We re on $trike also with the dollar sign. Maybe I m missing something, but I m management.

A diner I pass on the way to work is starting a major renovation. The day after they broke ground, the workers went on strike. I was confused that someone took a job and then immediately went on strike. The timing seemed weird.

Finally today I passed another gaggle of strikers in front of a strip mall going up. They looked ready to work they wore boots and Carhardt coats; but they carried signs. I didn t read the signs; I was more intrigued by them scurrying like ants to line up next to a roach coach (you know, one of those food trucks that show up at construction sites all over the place).

Five miles. Four strikes. I don t get it.

But, like I said, I m management.


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