Underground Photoshop Tennis

Match Sixteen: Nikki vs. Terry
Commentary: Carey


10 -Terry's Volley

Ok see, this just plain makes no sense. Terry's wife is a stripper now? Dude, five minutes ago she was a bee-keeper. Ambition is fine and all, but it seems to me a career - in the NAKED business, won't mix to well with bee-keeping. Now come on, what if she gets the jobs mixed up? Those bees keep, at best, $1.50 in small change at all times, and no matter HOW kinky these creeps at the bar are, I have to believe her showing up in a bee-keepers outfit is not really going to facilitate a "good night", if you know what I mean.

I'm giving this match to Nikki, hands down. She's the only thing that made any sense here.

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