Below is a series of emails between Jim "Kaya" Styn and me in reference to the Kaycee/Debbie debacle. These were passed between us on May 21, 2001.

For what it's worth:
Jim -

You don't know me. My name is Jim (mastermindless of I was tangentially involved with "Kaycee" and "Debbie".

I believe I know who "Debbie" and, perhaps, "Kaycee" really are.

She/they are members of I understand that you're an admin at

If you want my info, I'd be glad to share it.

I'm considering spilling my info at metafilter. But I don't want to screw you by doing it.

My desire is to get the facts and truth out.

Good people like you, your brother and Randy van der Woning have been seriously fucked by this hoax.

And I'm pissed.



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Hey Jim (I dig your site) ... yeah, this has been wacky. I still can't fill all the holes - it still doesn't add up.

Anyhow, I'm not sure how that would fuck me if they're members of CollegeClub... unless you mean they work here? That would really blow me away. Although, I don't see how that would be possible.

I'd love to know what you're thinking - maybe I can help in finding more truth on the issue.

Thanks for the note - looking forward to hearing more...

Jim/K a y a


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Thanks Jim -

Here's how I came to my conclusions:

I also got sucked into the Kaycee story. I spoke to her/them (Deb/KC) a couple of times via AIM ... perhaps an email or two.

When this whole thing came to a head and it was reported that Kaycee had died, Randy asked if he could use my message board. Of course, I said sure.


This morning I spoke with Randy (the bwg) via AIM re: this fiasco.

Off hand he said, "Debbie posted something on your bulletin board. I can tell because she spelled 'talented' wrong."

Randy, as you probably know, edited all of Deb/KC blogs. This was a common spelling error for Deb.


half way down, look for "Hannah" and the word "talanted" in the body.

(As an aside, this entry, as far as I know, is the only one that professed to know kaycee personally. A smoke-screen.)

Well I, as administrator, have access to the sign up information (in which you must supply an email address).

"Hannah" used:

I checked her out at College Club:


This is registered to a 21 year old University of Kansas woman named Ashley Smith. I believe Ashley Smith is Deb and/or KC. She majors in Social Work .... perhaps she's had to do some hospital or hospice internships. Perhaps there she developed the kaycee story/personae. Ashley Smith also claims many sports as her interests.

("Ashley" as I recall, is the name of the woman that Deb/Kaycee was supposed to meet in Kaycee's trip to Florida).

Ashley Smith has on her friends list at an unidentified young woman with the member name of "kutebabe". As you probably know, "Kaycee" used (or some derivitive) as an email address.

"kutebabe" is a student at Wichita State University (in Kansas) and claims to be majoring in "Health and Medical Sciences". This knowledge gained from her courses could be enough to weave a tale of leukemia and hospitalization.

Also, as part of her profile, "kutebabe" sounds a whole lot like the fictional girl we knew as "kaycee": "I am proof that you can be Athletic, have a brain AND be Kute too!!" All that's missing is the "/pounce".

'kutebabe' also mentions your brother on her friends list. And, as you go through her friends list, there's a lot of kaycee-type threads and clubs.

I think the kaycee personae has developed over time. And I think that was the kettle that stewed it all up.

My guess is that there is more than one person who fostered and developed this whole thing.

You can do a google search of Ashley Smith and varying combinations of Kansas and University of Kansas. You'll find some pages that may or may not be the "tropicalmist" woman. You decide if it's worth your time.


Why might you or get screwed? Bad name because of the hoax of a member? Perhaps those two email addresses would get spammed hard?

Perhaps I'm wrong. I don't know.

Let me know what you think.

If it's worth it, pass on this info to your brother.

Thanks for answering.



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Wow, Jim... fascinating stuff. Let me look at some of this - first of all, Kutebabe is the "Kaycee" we're talking about. She's been a Host on CollegeClub for a long time and gave literarly HUNDREDS of hours doing tasks, writing articles, hosting chats, etc. (Which makes all of this even more wacky)

I looked at a photo she sent to me and it's on Kodak film with her signature on the back... so, who is the girl? Ashley? The Ashley side is very interesting and something I hadn't heard or thought of. I checked out TropicalMist - she hasn't been on CollegeClub since last May. Didn't find any other info.

Man, this just gets crazier.

Thanks for keeping me updated, Jim.

J i m


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Yep. Really wild.

As perplexed as you are. Randy is more so.

I have no more answers. Certainly more questions.

Anyway, I don't think I'm going to waste too much more time on this ... unless something pops into my mailbox.

Do you mind if I post this to either my website or over on metafilter which I've never participated in before). Maybe someone else wants to ... ahem (forgive me) ... continue this investigation.

Thanks for your time, Jim. Really nice meeting you.



Post as you wish, my man.

Nice to meet you too. See - the Web is still good... right? ;)

Take it easy,

j i m

Well, everybody, thanks for getting this far.

If anyone has any more info, feel free to email me:

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