The One-Hundred Club

On January 16, 2003, Dennis Mahoney, for some unfathomable reason, decided to make one-hundred blog entries in one day. Stupidly, on January 17, 2003, I did the same. And then I issued the challenge and GK Nelson stood up.

Here is the list of very silly people who have decided to join The One-Hundred Plus Club. If you've done this, let me know, I'll put you on the list!

01-16-03 : 100 Thrilling Updates - Dennis Mahoney
01-18-03 : 24-Hour Slice of Destiny - Jim McCormick
01-19-03 : 150 100 Fish - G. K. Nelson
01-21-03 : A Buck Fifty ... - George Kelly
01-22-03 : Diary of a Mad Woman - Lisa Carroll

C'mon. Don't be a coward. Give it a shot. We know you want to.